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The Band

All Against, is a metal band from Lisbon, that started in the year 2015. With heavy and strong riffs, powerful lyrics, we have done our debut in 2017 "Hell In Sintra" Our first EP - Medusa was all recorded and mastered by All Against, and that was our introduction to the public. The band managed to get things started, and we started to play in other festivals, giving us more experience, for the gigs to follow. We started to work on our next musics with lyrics that contain our message against the system, and In September 2018 we released our EP - Feed The Machine, recorded and mastered by Miguel Tereso at Demigod Recordings. This was our turning page. The band rapidly felt the effect of that EP, and that made us what we are now We are now touring still promoting our EP, and we are already planning to go to studio, recording the new tracks. Come and Feed The Fucking Machine

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    All Against
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    September 29/9/18
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All Against - Rrusstyck Bar

Band members

Rui Miguel

Lead Vocals

Bruno Romão

Rhythm Guitar, Back Vocals

Luis Silva


Sérgio Correia

Lead Guitar

Ricardo Tito


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